Engineered to actually reduce motion, allowing you to focus.

The Science: Breast tissue has weight. Simply compressing it or encapsulating it does not keep it from moving. SugarShock™ has a patent-pending solution that reduces motion and increase comfort. IT FEELS DIFFERENT BECAUSE IT IS DIFFERENT.™ The Art: Structural bras aren’t attractive and fashion bras aren’t functional. You want a great-looking sports bra that lets you concentrate on being your best!

SugarShock   The Sports Bra that Works.™


 I needed a sports bra that worked! So I made one!

Hi, I’m Trish Hawkins, founder of SugarSports and the inventor of SugarShock™. When I was doing triathlons, I became incredibly frustrated with the sports bras that were available. I wear a 34 D and I looked everywhere for an answer. Finally, I engineered my own sports bra, had it manufactured, built a solid production team and started my own company! I believe that we can achieve anything with enough heart and determination. Women are remarkable, and that includes you.

As I always say,

“C’mon everybody, it’ll be fun!””


It Feels Different Because It Is Different.™



Features a black rib cage band and a phone pocket on the back. Super style and high-impact color! A hot look.


The original design. Clean, crisp, bright, fun and functional! It's a favorite shade of blue. Looks great with any accent.


Black SugarShock bra shows off our stylized logo and the effervescent sugar bubbles pattern. This rocks!       


Classy and always in fashion. Features our phone pocket on the back. Sleek and pretty. Show off your tan!             


Engineered with heart.

At SugarSports, we build women up for success on every level. We start by promoting a healthy life. We promote happiness, a positive self-outlook, and an active lifestyle. While SugarShock™ reduces motion for any size breast, larger-chested women will see significant benefits from our technology. Our beautiful models are real, active women, and they love it! Free your mind from breast motion and focus on what you love. Send us your stories and join the women of SugarSports.

What our CUSTOMERS are saying...

My husband ordered this sports bra for me for my birthday. It’s a great bra. (34D) I can’t even tell you how many sports bras I have, a lot. And none of them work. This bra does - so glad he went out on a limb to get me this. Thank you!
— Kelly
I’m a 34 DD and my boobs bounce. It’s so annoying that I wore 2 bras at the same time. AHHHHH! I can’t believe someone didn’t think of this until now.
— Nancy
Love the fabric and the lining. It’s so soft! I’m a 32 C - it fits and it’s super comfortable! Like another review, I can’t believe someone didn’t think of this before now.
— Mary Kate
FIVE STARS!! IT WORKS! For the first time EVER a sports bra that works!
— Sage

From Trish.

This is where I get to support others along their path. This is my awesome team that I have the privilege to work with! 

The amazing work of Eric Whetstone at WhetstoneDesign. He is simply spot-on. It is rare to find someone that I can say is “absolutely remarkable” and you are. Thank you for answering the phone and saying “yes”!

To our models Laurie Young, Laine O'Conner, and Renata Salkhova, thank you for your amazing work! Special thanks to our photographer Robie Capps, our video engineer Andrew Rurik, and our web designer Jeremy Worden. All of you guys amaze me with your creativity. Mitchell Rose is my brilliant composer and musical mastermind. He worked so hard on the music to our video and created the SugarSports flute sound. Which is so very cool!